#015 – Mrs. Billie Sloan [Podcast]

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Mrs. Billie Sloan is this week’s guest on Missionary on Fire. Mrs. Sloan is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. L.H. “Popsi” Ashcraft. Popsi went to Mexico at the age of 44. He had a crippled arm. All of the mission boards had told Popsi that he was too old and that his health was not good enough to go to Mexico. Popsi said that if God called him that he had to go.

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Mrs. Billie Sloan has been a missionary in Mexico for fifty years. She first went to Monterrey, Mexico, as a teenager along with her parents, the Ashcrafts. She received a teaching degree in Mexico. While serving the Lord in Mexico, Doctor Tom Sloan came to visit her parents’ work. Shortly after his trip to Mexico, the Lord called him to be a missionary. The Lord directed them to San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico, to work with the Tzotzil Indians in February 1972. This was a big adjustment for Billie. She and her husband faithfully served the Lord there until Tom graduated to Heaven in December 2004, after battling Parkinson’s disease. Billie continues to serve the Lord in Chiapas with some of her children and their families. She also speaks at ladies’ meetings when she is invited. She has eight children who are all faithfully serving the Lord. Several of them are missionaries in Mexico as well.

Bible Verse:

Nahum 1:7 The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.


John 3:30 He must increase, but I must decrease. – This was her husband’s life verse.

Failure and Lessons:

When first getting started in Chiapas, Dr. Tom and Billie Sloan made some mistakes in trying to help another missionary. The lesson that they learned was that it is best to start your own work from scratch.

Mrs. Sloan tells a story about “your house” and how it led them astray as she and her parents were first learning Spanish.


Mrs. Billie Sloan’s most precious memory of life on the mission field was meeting her husband when he came to visit her father’s work in Mexico. 

Can you tell us about the moment you realized why God called you to the mission field?

Although she was serving with her parents as a missionary, she tells of when God called her specifically to be a missionary.

What was the most important milestone you reached in dealing with the people of your mission field?

Mrs. Sloan’s most important milestone was when she came to love and care for the Tzotzil Indians.

Current Burden:

Mrs. Sloan currently works with some of her children in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. She also speaks at ladies’ meetings when she is asked to do so. She enjoys being both a mother and a grandmother.

What if you were a young person today and felt God calling you to the mission field?

Mrs. Sloan said that if she were a young person today, she would first talk to her pastor.


Tom and Me by Billie Sloan

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(This book can be purchased by contacting her son, Joel Sloan, in El Paso, Texas. His e-mail address is sloanjopastor@q.com.)


e-mail: mimitomany@hotmail.com

blog: mimitomany.blogspot.com


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From our mission field to your mission field, have a great week and God bless!

  • Susan Hutchens

    I loved this podcast, Bro. Consford! I just today had a chance to listen as I worked around the house. I was most blessed by Mrs. Sloan’s admission that she initially hated the place and people she had been called to work with alongside her husband . . .but she STAYED and remained faithful, and the Lord eventually gave her a great love for the people there. We need more older women telling us to just be faithful, to stay where God has put you, trusting Him. I also loved that she believes that we younger women need our older mentors to be transparent and not try to appear perfect in front of others. She was just a great encouragement to me, as a younger missionary wife (although I’m actually middle-aged!). I love to learn from ladies who have been down the road a bit farther than I have!

    • http://www.consfords.com/ Joe Consford

      That is the goal with Missionary on Fire! We want to hear the real stories of these real heroes of the faith! We have some great missionaries both men and women lined up for these interviews! We all have things to learn.

  • Karen Kalapp

    I loved listening to Billie Sloan’s podcast. It was inspiring. Karen Kalapp