#022 – Missioanry Wesley Hutchens, Sr. [Podcast]

Missionary Wesley Hutchens, Jr., is one of our supporting pastors.  He is the pastor of People’s Baptist Church in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.  Please pray for Brother Wesley Hutchens, Jr.!  He just found out he has colon cancer.  His father was a missionary in Jamaica for over 26 years.

But first let me welcome you back to Missionary on Fire.  I am your host Missionary Joe Consford, and it is my privilege to get to spend this time with you each week.  God has been doing some great things through this program, and I thank you for being a big part of that!  We have been featured in Revival Fires; in the most recent issue, they published the interview with Rick Martin.  Make sure you subscribe to Revival Fires and look for more of our interviews in that great publication by my friend Dr. Dennis Corle.  You can find out more about Revival Fires by going to their website RevivalFiresPub.org.

Missionary Wesley Hutchens, Sr., is now the Western States Director for Macedonia World Baptist Missions, Inc.  He told us in this interview that he knows of more than 100 churches in the Western United States that need a pastor right now.  We need to get on fire for the Lord!

Bible Verse:

John 3:16

John 14

Psalm 25

Missionary Wesley Hutchens’ favorite Bible Story is Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.


“Can’t never could do anything if you did not try!”  — Dr. A.C. Carpenter

Failure and Lessons:

Missionary Wesley Hutchens tells us that his biggest failure is his constant fear of failure.


Missionary Wesley Hutchens tells us that his most precious memory is that of seeing a man accept Christ who was told that since he was divorced he was doomed to die and go to Hell.

What was the most important milestone you reached in dealing with the people of your mission field?

Missionary Wesley Hutchens tells us you must train nationals if you want your ministry to continue!

Can you tell us about the moment you realized why God called you to the mission field?

Missionary Wesley Hutchens tells us about the trucker who encouraged him to go to the mission field. He also tells us how his plane ticket was marked one-way, no return!

Current Burden:

Missionary Wesley Hutchens tells us about his burden for the Western United States.


I, II, III John by John Butler




We need to read Psalm 25 every day as well as one Proverb every day.


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