#027 – Missionary Bill Coley [Podcast]

Missionary Bill Coley was saved in March 1977, at Bible Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Arkansas while stationed there with the Air Force.  His wife Jane had been saved in the same church as a twelve-year-old girl.  They met while working in the bus ministry of the church and were married in August 1978.  After working in the church for a year, they moved to Oklahoma City to attend Oklahoma Baptist College.  After graduating from Bible College, Missionary Bill Coley moved back to Arkansas and was on staff at the church there in Jacksonville for several years.  In 1994, Missionary Bill Coley had a conversation with a missionary who was home on furlough from Kenya. In 1995, Missionary Bill Coley surrendered to the mission field of Kenya and began deputation later that year.

But first let me welcome you back to Missionary on Fire.  I am your host Missionary Joe Consford, and this is the show where we introduce you to missionaries who are on fire for the Lord.   One thing I love to point out is that quote by Charles Spurgeon, “Every Christian is ether a missionary or an imposter!”

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During the fifteen years that Missionary Bill Coley and his family have been in Kenya, Missionary Bill Coley has served as the Missionary/Pastor of the church at Tena for 11 ½ years, as well as overseeing two other churches pastored by nationals.  He has also assisted national pastors, many of whom were trained by him, in starting six other churches.  Missionary Bill Coley also has a Bible Institute; thirty-two men and four ladies have graduated from the institute, with several of the men currently pastoring churches.  Missionary Bill Coley has also assisted in teaching in other Bible institutes and colleges across Kenya that are conducted by other missionaries. I really think you are going to enjoy this interview with this Missionary on Fire!

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That brings us to the end of this week’s episode of Missionary on Fire.  From our mission field to your mission field, have a great week and God bless!

  • Ken

    I was in Bible Baptist Church at the time Bill and Jane Coley were there on staff. They both have a heart for the Lord, and for for people. Jane taught some of my children at school and we felt particularly blessed that they had her as a teacher. Bill’s genuine humility is a good example for everyone, and it is obvious why God is blessing him on the mission field. Thanks for the interview.